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For busy law firms and legal teams who are stretched to capacity, Prime Legal Support Services LLC offers legal process outsourcing services that are convenient, cost-effective, and customizable to meet your needs. Our team of legal professionals have expertise in a variety of legal matters that you can consistently rely on. 



Medical Records Organization & Review
Settlement Demand Preparation

Organizing and reviewing medical records can be time-consuming, but Prime Legal Support Services LLC can help you sort through all of your case materials and summarize the information that you need. Medical treatment summaries, medical chronologies, and medical expense summaries are tailored to provide you with important case information in a convenient format. Whether you need just a brief summary or a detailed timeline of your client's case information, Prime Legal Support Services LLC can save your team the countless hours spent organizing and reviewing medical records.

Organizing case materials and drafting settlement demand letters can take a substantial amount of time that your team could instead use to focus on more revenue-generating tasks. Whether you have a preferred format or wish to collaborate on a modernized custom template, Prime Legal Support Services LLC can draft your settlement demand letters and outline the liability, causation, medical injuries and treatment, and damages from your client's case. 

Litigation Support

Litigated cases can be complex and have no room for error in the organization and preparation for litigation because significant potential damages are at stake. Prime Legal Support Services LLC can provide litigation support that your team needs while saving you time and money.  Efficiently prepare for trial while Prime Legal Support Services LLC drafts your case pleadings and assists in the discovery process. Rather than sorting through high volume deposition transcripts, Prime Legal Support Services LLC offers deposition summaries to assist you in the investigation process that occurs before trial.

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